Chapter 9

Ron paced the hall. Ginny was talking via Floo powder through the living room fireplace to Andromeda. Poor Andromeda had cracked from grief and strain after her husband, daughter, and son-in-law had all been killed in quick succession. Mrs Weasley had thought that Andromeda wasn’t well enough to cope with raising a baby. But he was still her grandson, and Andromeda Tonks deserved to know what had happened.

Meanwhile Hermione was sat on the stairs with her feet on the second step from the bottom, and Harry was stood holding the banister post.

“Where could Bellatrix be?” Ron mused, and Harry shrugged a shoulder again. Hermione shifted a little. “We can’t ask Mum until she wakes up and that could be hours.”

“We’ve been over this,” Hermione sighed. “Wherever she is, she’s with the Malfoys. But we have no clues where they’d be. What do we know about the Malfoys that could give us a clue?”

“Well, we know they’re not in the Manor, it was sold off months ago, and Dad has personally searched it twice as well as other Ministry officials loads of times before it was sold and nobody found them. They could be anywhere, not even in this country for all we know.”

Hermione said, “But I still think we should go to the Manor, we can’t be sure.”

She budged over as Ron sat down next to her and put his head in his hands.

“Wait a minute,” Harry said, his brain visibly ticking. “Mr Weasley searched the Manor…remember six years ago, Ron?”

“The second year?” Ron looked blank. “When the chamber of secrets was opened.”

“Yep,” Harry said. “We thought Malfoy was Slytherin’s heir, remember?”

“Yes, and I made the Polyjuice Potion for the first ever time - ”

“The first ever thing you did against the rules,” Ron grinned.

“- and you turned into Crabbe and Goyle to question Malfoy and didn’t get anything. What’s your point?”

“Ron, the Ministry was searching people’s houses for Dark Artefacts,” he prompted. “But they never found anything because…”

Hermione remained puzzled but Ron’s face lit up. “That hidden chamber! I forgot about it, I was going to tell Dad but I never did, if I had - if I had, maybe lots of things would have been different!”

“Ron, it’s not your fault,” Harry said, and told Hermione about the hidden cellar that Draco Malfoy had told them about in the second year. “The point is, if they could hide Dark artefacts in there why not themselves?”

“They could have been there for the whole past year! They think nobody knows about that,” Hermione said excitedly, her hair seeming to spark into life and become bushier. “Well, a lead at last. Let’s get going. I’ll just go and grab a few things that we’ll need…”

She dashed off upstairs and suddenly there was a rattling at the back door. Instinctively Harry whipped out his wand and yelled, “Protego!”

The strength of the spell was holding the shield against the door so whoever was on the other side couldn’t get in, though the handle was rattling and the person was thumping against the door. Harry and Ron ran into the kitchen and saw that Mrs Weasley was still unconscious. Ron ran to her chair and Harry turned to the door.

“Open the door! It’s me, Arthur! Ron? Open the door!”

The End

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