Chapter 8

Bella screamed in rage at her sister, red and green flashing before her eyes in her anger. Molly Weasley - that blood traitor witch who had tried to kill her - had escaped. And it was her own sister’s fault. She had liked Narcissa, even loved her, yet she had always turned her back on Bella. Now it was her turn.

“You ruined everything,” Bella snarled. “My first act in my sure rise to power and you RUINED EVERYTHING!”

Bella’s voice had risen to hoarse bellow. Her eyes were flashing dark and outraged, gleaming almost red in the dim light from the cellar’s lone bulb. Bella could feel her boiled blood raging through her veins, her heart - yes, she did have one - pounding irregularly in her anger.

Her sister, face as pale as her long tangled hair, watched with her blue eyes. They were almost grey in their coldness. They had always been icy when focused on Bella. And she had had enough. Once again she cracked.

She was breathing rapidly through her nose like an animal about to charge, her black-corseted chest heaving. Narcissa - she was no longer Cissy - shook her head so her blonde tangles shook too. Her face was etched with disbelief.

“You’re mad, Bella. You’re insane. Just like your precious Lord before you.”

She shrieked in rage, her sister had gone too far with her mocks and insults. Bella was now as numb towards her as Cissa had always been to her. She would feel no remorse…she fingered her wand by her side.

“What are you going to do, Bella? Torture me, kill me? Your own sister?”

“You are not my sister,” she hissed. “You have spent too long insulting me and my Dark Lord, and though he is gone I still remain, I will continue his legacy, and he would certainly have killed an insolent little traitor like you without question, pureblood or no -”

“Traitor?” Cissa replied calm and quiet. “Bella, do you hear yourself?”

“You betrayed him, you betrayed me, you betrayed all of us! You lied to the Dark Lord! You allowed Potter to live!”

“Potter is just a boy, just like Draco!” Cissa yelled back. “If you believe he was really the key, or a threat to Voldemort, then you are just as insane as he was!”

Bella raised her wand and shrieked again, like a banshee. “Avada -”

She was winded as Lucius tackled her head-on, making her drop her wand and cutting off the curse halfway through. He threw her to the floor in disgust, where she sat spitting blood from her cut lip, glaring with pure hatred at all of them, the Malfoys, once her family but not any more. They would regret this.

She sprung to her feet, grabbed her dropped wand and vanished.

The End

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