Chapter 6

Mrs Weasley spat on the stone floor as Bellatrix pranced around her, cackling. Every so often she would point her wand and tighten the magical ropes that bound her until she grunted with pain, which would send her into another series of cackles.

Mrs Weasley could taste metallic blood in her mouth and could feel grime on her face. There was dust on her robes where she had been flung onto the floor when she had arrived, and her hair was messed up and straggled around her face. She glared up at Bellatrix as she laughed at her. She had been shocked when this woman, whom she had killed a year ago, had appeared in her kitchen and attacked her. She spat again on Bella’s pointy-toed shoes.

“Tut tut, Molly,” she cackled. “That’s no way to treat your host.”

“This is no way to treat a guest,” she immediately retorted, reluctant as she was to play Bellatrix’s game.

Bella laughed almost derisively as she resumed her circling. Molly looked instead at the piles of Dark clutter heaped against the walls of the hidden chamber. Lucius Malfoy’s son was sleeping fitfully in the corner and hadn’t appeared to notice his aunt’s new guest.

The hatch to the cellar opened and footsteps slowly descended. A pale woman with tangled blonde hair trailing down the back of her shabby robes had appeared. Her slightly pointed nose gave her an air of disgust as she carried a stack of china dishes into the room. She saw Bella and gasped as her eyes landed on Mrs Weasley. The plates dropped and some smashed, while others rolled across the stone until they hit the piles of Dark artefacts.

“Bella, what the hell are you doing?” she shrieked.

Bella seem amused by her sister’s reaction. “I told you I had things to do. I’ve got some unfinished business with Molly here.”

She prodded her in the back with the sharp toe of her black boot. Molly grunted and twisted her head to glare at her with loathing.

Bella made over-exaggerated “evil” eyes back at her and cackled wildly. Narcissa stormed over to her and grabbed her by the arm.

“I will not let you use my house as a torture chamber for your insane ‘business’” she hissed.

“Yet you permitted the Dark Lord to use it,” she said, mock ponderingly. “Or was it because you had no choice? Do you think I am not as threatening as Voldemort was?”

Narcissa did not respond, but stared lividly back at her, lips tight as she breathed through her nose angrily. “Get out, Bella.”

The smile slid off Bellatrix’s face to be replaced by a snarl. “What?”

“You heard, Bella! I’ve tolerated your madness for long enough! Don’t you understand? The Dark lord is gone and you are foolish to think you can continue his ways! The Ministry will shoot you down before you have a chance to begin! You and Rodolphus can‘t seriously think you’ll rule the wizard world!”

Molly silently observed the argument as Bellatrix screamed back at her sister, who did not flinch.

“Madness? How dare you, Cissy! Your own husband supported the Dark lord, do you cast aspersions upon his sanity?”

Molly slowly shuffled across the floor unnoticed by either Black sister.

“He was tricked, led to believe things by the Dark Lord that never -”

“Don’t you dare to insult -”

Molly lost track of the argument for a minute while she tried to get her wand, which had been kicked into a corner by Bellatrix and she could almost reach it with her outstretched fingers. She grasped it and murmured the spell to release her from the magical ropes.

She stood and looked into the face of Bellatrix, whose eyes were dark with anger and hatred, her white hand pointing the twisted wand. Rage reared like a dragon inside her as she gripped her own wand.


Molly Weasley saw green as she turned on the spot.

The End

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