Chapter 2

Narcissa Malfoy sat cross-legged in the small bathroom in the underground chamber. Her long, tangled blonde hair had grown and straggled past her waist, spilling onto the floor around her over her worn robes. Since Voldemort had been killed a year ago the Malfoys had been hiding out in their secret chamber under the drawing room in their manor. The house had been searched by Ministry officials more than once but they hadn’t been found. But they couldn’t stay there for much longer. They had crept up into the Manor a few times to fetch clean clothes and food, but their visits had become less frequent after a new wizard family, to their anger and annoyance, had moved into their manor, apparently undisturbed by the story of its previous inhabitants.

Narcissa hated what had become of her life. She had no idea what was going to happen if they ever decided to leave the chamber for good. She rolled up the sleeves of her wispy robe and looked into the basin in front of her, its contents a mass of silver-blue swirling smoke. It was one of the Dark artefacts that Lucius had stored in their secret chamber over the years - the place was cluttered with them which didn’t make living there any easier. It was a different kind of Pensieve, made of black stone and carved with harsh runes around the brim. It was for storing guilty thoughts or memories, so that the user could have a clean conscience. Narcissa had used it herself. Faced with another day of boredom, she had started to sort through the clutter in the chamber. She had come across the Pensieve and taken it where she could have some privacy to view its contents.

She dipped a finger, the once-elegant nail chipped and dirty, into the swirling mass which spun even faster upon contact. She was sucked forwards into the most recent memory.

One year ago. Narcissa was running through the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, searching for her son. She found Draco collapsed on the seventh floor and used a spell to awaken him. She supported him as they hurried down flights of stairs, dodging spells and curses. They ran into Lucius in the Entrance Hall, duelling with two foolish Hogwarts students. Lucius sent them flying with a flick of his wand and Fenrir Greyback pounced on them before they had a chance. Narcissa wasn’t paying attention to the werewolf, she was looking into the Great Hall where her sister was duelling with the hated Mrs Weasley. To her horror a jet of green light sent Bellatrix falling backwards.

“Lucius!” she screamed, drawing his attention. Lucius and Bellatrix did not get along but she was his wife’s sister. He ran into the fray and rescued Bellatrix’s body. The people around them were too engrossed in their combat to notice. They hurried out of the castle, down the steps and through the gates into Hogsmeade - Lucius carrying Bellatrix, Narcissa half-carrying Draco. When they reached the road they Disapparated.

The memory swirled with fog and then cleared again. They had all Apparated into the drawing room of Malfoy manor.

 “Get into the cellar!” Narcissa urged her husband and son. Obediently Lucius draped Bellatrix’s limp body over an armchair and took out his wand. Draco had managed to peel back a section of carpet in front of a bookcase. Lucius roughly pushed Draco aside and cast a spell - a square section of the floorboards underneath began to glow and then disappeared. There was now a small set of narrow steps leading down into a dark hole. Draco picked a lit candle off a coffee table and went down first. Lucius slipped his wand back inside his cane and grudgingly lifted Bellatrix again, carefully carrying her down into the hidden chamber.

“I’ll be down in a moment,” Narcissa called after them. When the darkness had swallowed their figures, she flung open the glass door of a trophy display case next to the book shelves. From inside she took a pure silver goblet. A silver serpent coiled at the base wound its way around the stem and its jaws fastened around the top. Voldemort himself had drank from this goblet, and Bellatrix had demanded that it never be used again afterwards. She had confided in no-one but Narcissa the reason - she had discovered Voldemort’s secret to being immortal. She had planned to use the goblet as a Horcrux.

The End

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