One Year After (HP)

This story takes place one year after the Battle of Hogwarts. Sorry for any descrepancies, I've tried to smooth them out as best I can.


Harry had finally completed his seventh year at Hogwarts. After all the disruption of the previous year, with Voldemort’s return and conquer of the wizarding world, Hogwarts had called all of its students back to retake whichever year they had missed. After, of course, it had been rebuilt after the battle. Half of Hogwarts had been destroyed. The summer had been spent giving Hogwarts a complete makeover, using magic to transform it into a new castle.

Hermione, Ron and the rest of the seventh-years had returned to take their final year properly, without the influence of a certain Dark wizard disrupting their magical education. The subject of Defence Against the Dark Arts and the History of Magic had both been drastically affected by the battle of Hogwarts - no one thought they really needed to study it as they’d lived through it themselves. Some students had chosen not to come back at all and moved away because Hogwarts held too many memories. Some had transferred to other schools abroad to re-take their previous school year. Draco Malfoy had vanished after the battle and none of his family had been seen since, so their seventh year went free from his taunts.

The Fat Lady had been torn down and mysteriously vanished in the battle, and had been replaced with a portrait of a vain Countess whose passwords were often related to her beauty. The new Hogwarts had four towers, each of which belonged to a House. The dungeons became disused storerooms for equipment used in the school. Some students sent down on errands came back with tales of ghosts. Some said they could hear the footsteps of Severus Snape pacing in his old office from when he had been Potions Master - his ghost never actually showed himself if he was there.

But the last year at Hogwarts, as all good things must, had come to an end. Harry, Hermione and Ron had continued the DA for a while, to improve the use of practical spells, but by Christmas it had disbanded because there was no longer any need for it, with the threat of Voldemort gone. Each member got to keep the original fake Galleon given to them by Hermione three years before. They were a precious memento of how they had chosen to stand and fight. A plaque had been placed on the wall of the Entrance Hall, above the framed DA parchment that had been kept in the headteacher’s office since Harry’s fifth year.

A mass funeral had taken place before reconstruction on Hogwarts started - the victims of the battle were all buried in a new graveyard in a section of Hogwarts grounds, with a statue in the centre to commemorate the Battle of Hogwarts. Students could visit it regularly to see the graves of relatives who had died fighting for their side.

The Forbidden Forest had been reduced to a mere fraction of it’s former size, but trees had been planted that in a few years’ time would grow into a tangled forest like the one that had once stood there.

Hagrid’s hut had been torched in the battle. He had been offered lodgings in the new castle, but instead Harry forced Hagrid to take some money for him to have a small cottage built where his old hut had stood. For old times’ sake the three friends sometimes went down in the evening to visit him.

Everything had been set straight. Life had gone on.

The End

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