One With the Wind

it was the middle of the night. i woke at a large crack of thunder. it was dark. it was cold too. it had been cold. i get up. the room is quite empty. the stone tower of an old church abandoned years ago. i walk over to the window. there is a candle on the sill and a box of matches accompanying. lightning flashes to reveal a large puddle of water just inside the window pooling around my feet. the matches are not completely soaked. after some difficulty the candle finally holds a small flame. the difficult part would be making it down without the candle blowing out. if it did it wouldnt be the worst. descending down the steps i can feel the wind battering the stone walls of the church. theres a strong draft in the stairway. the steps are worn and smooth on bare feet. reaching the bottom of the stairs i enter into the empty church right behind the altar. theres a large book on the altar. i suppose it was a bible covered in a thick layer of dust. no one has been here for years upon years. they all left. i left with them. and for the same reason i originally left, i am back. it seems to be about time. i walk through the church. mys steps echo all throughout the room. the sound of me os the only thing left here. i walk out into the yard, candle in hand. the rain is blowing hard into my face. the wind sings an empty, hollow song of loneliness. appearing from the dark rain and wind before me a dark figure waits. it sings the song of the wind. in a higher and more beautiful voice than could be from any living thing. so sad. so empty. my candle blows out. i feel it. its here for me. for me to join its chorus. the wind and the rain stops. everything stops. everything is gone. gone forever. im falling through nothing and nothing again. down and down i fall. all of it it gone. my voice is one with the wind. i am nothing now. nothing.

The End

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