The next day, Molly did not return to school. Instead, she had died of cancer late that night in her sleep.
In the morning, the school recieved a letter from Molly addressed to Emily, Nick and Sasha. The principal called them all to the office and told them about how Molly had not made it, and how they had recieved a letter from Molly for them all. None of them opened it, until lunch time.

At lunch time, they all sat in a circle at one of the tables, and opened the envelope together. Inside, was a letter and a drawing. They decided to read the letter first.

Dear friends,
Molly here, and I'd just like to say thank-you. Thank-you, for playing with me one last time. I'm glad that I got to spend my entire life, playing with all of my best friends. Playing with all of you made me see, that this has just been one big game. One big game, where no one lost, and no one won. There were hardships and then there were the days where everyone smiled. That's all I ever wanted, was a game that we could all play and have fun at. I hope that you all had as much fun as I had.
Love, Molly.

Finally, they took out the picture from the envelope. On it, was three girls, and one boy. All smiling and sitting together. The girl in the middle, looked as if her smile was just added into the picture, because her heart was finally at peace.

The End

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