The start of the new school year came around, the last year before high school, but Molly wasn't the least bit excited. She went through her days with no emotion, she didn't even bother eating lunch on the occasion and risked being yelled at when she came home.

The first few months were a blur, Molly wasn't even teased or pushed and shoved around in the halls. Not even a dirty look.

Around the middle of the school year, Molly started to get sick. She didn't complain about it to her father, thinking both that it didn't matter, and that he wouldn't care. So she kept it a secret.
About two weeks later, Molly had entirely stopped eating and her sickness had gotten worse.

One day, when Molly was sitting outside on her usual bench waiting for time to go by, she started coughing up blood. One of the teachers on duty spotted her, and called 911. Molly fainted before the ambulance could arrive.

A week later, Nick had moved back and had returned to the school. He met up with Sasha, who Molly told him was her previous friend, and asked where Molly was. Sasha shrugged her shoulders "Hospital." She replied. "She should be back tomorrow, though. That's what doctors told the school."

Only, the doctors were wrong. Molly had gotten cancer, and she wasn't about to get a quick recovery and go back to school. Instead, Molly was told that she had stage 5 cancer, and that she might not wake up tomorrow. She couldn't get treated for it, because her father refused to pay for any of it.
Molly had asked that she could get something from her house, but was denied the request. Instead, the doctor suggested that her father could bring it in for her. Molly doubted her father would do it, but he did so anyways. Molly asked that the doctors bring her an envelope, a pencil and a piece of paper. They did so.

Molly started to write a letter onto the piece of paper, folded it, then placed it inside the envelope. She added some finishing touches and sealed it into the envelope. She gave the envelope to the doctor and asked that it be sent to her school the next day.

"Are you sure?" Asked the doctor, Molly nodded that she was sure.

The End

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