About a week later, Molly was sitting alone at recess on a bench, watching everyone else having fun. She didn't mind being excluded, it was a regular thing now. She was used to it.

As she was watching three kids talking, she saw two guys shoving each other.

"It's just another guy-on-guy fight. They do it all the time, and it's just pretend anyways." Molly told herself.
Suddenly, those same boys started shouting until one boy pushed the other one to the ground, and ran with the one other boy. "That didn't look like they were pretending. That guy could be hurt." Molly chose to walk over to the boy, crouched down on the rocky cement playground.

"Are you okay?"Molly asked the boy, and offered her hand to him. He denied her hand, and rose to his feet.

"Yeah. Fine." He replied. Molly was just about to argue and say that his knee was bleeding, until he walked away.

She never saw him again for the rest of the day.

The End

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