The same routines repeated over, and over again. Molly was happy.
But, after four months, Molly decided to sit with her new friend, only to get a decline.

"I'm sorry Molly, but we have to move on. I have new friends now, you can find other friends to sit with at lunch, right?" Sasha told her. Molly knew it wasn't a question, smiled, and went to go sit alone the rest of lunch.

The next day, Molly decided to sit with Sasha again.

"Molly? What are you doing?" She asked. Molly looked at Sasha, confused. "Didn't I tell you yesterday? I've moved on. So should you."
Molly sat there a moment longer in dismay, then picked up her things and left for an empty table.

Sure, during the past few months Molly had made a few friends here and there, but nobody that would sit with her at recess to tell her stories and draw pictured with her at lunch or that would wave and say good-bye at the end of the day. Instead, they all hung out with Emily and her group of friends that still bothered to shove and call Molly names.

That day when Molly got home, she went to bed early.

The End

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