At the next day of school, Molly would sit with Sasha at recess and listen to Sasha's unbelievably amazing stories of when she was younger. She told Molly of when she was in elementary school, she had a group of friends she would always play with. Their most famous game, was of a princess, dragon and a knight. Sasha said that she was always the princess.

During lunch, Molly brought some of her paper and pencils with her.

"Are you an artist?" Asked Sasha. Molly shrugged. "Oh, will you show me a drawing then?" Sasha wondered. Molly nodded, and drew a picture of a girl "Wow!" Gasped Sasha. "You're amazing! But, you forgot something..." Sasha took a pencil, and drew a girl sitting beside the other girl. "She needed a friend." She implied, and they laughed.

At the end of the day, Molly and Sasha would wave and say good-bye, and wait eagerly for the next day to arrive.

The End

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