Two days later during recess, when Molly was crouched in a corner in the washroom with her hands covering her face, trying not to cry, she heard a voice.

"Hello? Are you okay?" Asked the voice. Molly looked up from her hands over her face, and saw a girl looking down at her, concerned. It was a girl Molly had never seen before. "I'm Sasha. what's your name?" She asked.

"M-Molly..." She replied. Sasha smiled at Molly.

"Why are you crying, Molly?" She asked. Molly didn't reply. "Don't worry about it. It'll be alright. We can be friends, right?" She asked. Molly stared in disbelief at Sasha.

"Sure." Molly answered, unsure if Sasha's request was a prank or not. Instead of laughing and claiming it was a prank, Sasha smiled at Molly and sat beside her, the entire recess. Molly smiled the entire time.

When Molly got home from school, she found some paper and a pencil to draw with. She took the pencil, and started to draw.
When her father got home late at night, Molly showed her father the picture and explained that she got a new friend named Sasha.

"Disgusting." Her father called it, and took the drawing from Molly's hands. He crumpled it up in his hands, and threw it into the trash.
Later that night, when Molly's father was asleep on the couch, Molly found her drawing in the trash and brought it up into her room. She fell asleep soon after that.

The End

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