After two months of the same routine day-in and day-out, Molly grew tired of crying. During recess, Molly spotted a group of kids talking. They were all laughing and smiling, while eating their snacks.

"They look like they're having fun." Molly thought, as she decided to go see what they were smiling about.
The group was silenced as Molly walked up to them.

"Hello!" Said Molly, cheerfully. No one said anything. "I was sitting at a table alone when I saw you all laughing and was wondering what was so funny?" She asked. The kids looked at each other, as if not knowing what to say.

"None of your business, loser." Spoke the red-headed girl. The group started laughing again. Molly stood there, insulted but refusing to move.

"Nice one, Emily!" Said the boy in the group. Molly looked at the girl that the boy had spoken to, and noticed something interesting.
The girl named Emily, had looked exactly like her old best friend who had moved away at the end of elementary school. She had red hair, and the exact same laugh that Molly remembered all-too-well.

"Emily?" Molly repeated, interrupting the laughter once again, as if no one had noticed her standing there.

"Yeah, what?" Replied Emily. Molly stared at Emily, and then she was sure it was the same Emily that was once her best friend. Molly ran into the bathroom and forced herself not to shed a tear.

Emily, had been Molly's best friend. Now, she teased and insulted Molly.

The End

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