All throughout the summer, Molly was trapped inside her house while her father went out drinking and spent all their money. Her favorite thing to do at home, was to draw. Molly would draw the prettiest pictures, trying to impress her father when he finally arrived home at night. It was too bad though, the only thing Molly's father would do was yell at her for staying up late again and that she was wasting her time with her silly pictures.

At the start of middle school, Molly was especially excited that day, because she knew she was going to see all her best friends again. Instead, she was surrounded by older kids who pushed her in the halls and called her mean names.
Molly came home and went straight to her room that afternoon, so she could cry.

"Middle school is nothing like I imagined it." She said. "Everyone is so mean, and they push me around all the time. I wish my best friends were here." Molly fell asleep in her tears that night.

The End

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