One Wish (H/Hr)

Harry/Hermione Potter fanfiction.

It was the day after Slughorn’s Christmas party (Christmas Eve) and Harry and Ron had left for the Burrow by Floo powder that morning after frenzied packing on Ron’s part. To Harry’s surprise Hermione had announced to Harry that Mrs Weasley had said it was fine if Hermione wanted to join them, rather than go on her holiday with her parents.

Harry had thought it was rather odd, after the continuous arguments and hostility between herself and Ron, that Hermione would want to spend the Christmas break at his house. Especially since she was currently ignoring him. Although Ron and Lavender had been “saying goodbye” at the time so Hermione couldn’t have spoken to him even if she had wanted to, which was very unlikely.

However on arriving at the Burrow Hermione had brightened up considerably and had even spoken to Ron without being snappy or frosty at all. This had sparked suspicion in Harry as well as Ron, who was still very cautious around her, as though her behaviour was simply a trick to lure him in so she could set canaries on him again. Harry could tell he was thinking this because he was constantly rubbing the scratches on his arms whenever she was around.

The Burrow was very crowded indeed as Harry and Ron were sharing the attic bedroom, Hermione shared with Ginny, Fred and George were staying in their room, Bill and Fleur shared Percy’s old bedroom (who was not coming home for Christmas again, it appeared) and Remus, who was arriving that night, was sleeping in the room which Bill and Charlie had shared (Charlie was staying in Romania over Christmas).

Mrs Weasley was fluttering everywhere looking very harassed so they had tried to keep out of her way, but they had been roped in to help with the extensive preparations for Christmas dinner and the decorations, which Fred, George and Ginny had taken charge of. The twins had captured a gnome and Stupefied it before proceeding to paint it gold, dress it up and stick it on top of the tree where it sat looking very disgruntled and like a very ugly angel. Ginny had spent most of the day making paper chains which she had used to thoroughly decorate the living room until it looked like an explosion in a coloured-paper factory.

When Harry and Ron had finished peeling a mountain of sprouts, and Fred and George had passed through on the way to the village and laughed at their slow manual progress, they went into the garden to pull up some carrots under Mrs Weasley’s strict instructions.

Hermione was stood in the middle of the tangled grass wearing a dreamy expression disturbingly like Luna Lovegood’s, and waving her wand to drape strings of tinsel and golden bubbles that issued from its tip across the trees.

Ron sloped off to the vegetable patch before she could notice him but Harry stood and watched her, faintly amused.

She was wearing a festive ribbon in her bushy hair which was most unlike the Hermione he knew. She finished her decorating and Harry hurried across to Ron as she turned to wander back inside without noticing them.

“I think she’s been possessed by Luna,” said Ron grimly as Harry bent over to pull the stubborn carrots out of the frozen ground while a stumpy gnome cackled at them from under a rhododendron bush. Harry had to agree.

“Something’s changed her since we got here,” he replied, looking back at the door where she had disappeared.

“Yeah,” said Ron, pausing to wipe sweat from his forehead. “Like what, though?”

“Well, if you and Lav-Lav hadn’t started going out…” Harry reminded him sternly, and Ron’s ears went pink.

That evening however Hermione seemed much more sober. Lupin had arrived and he and Mr Weasley were conversing in the living room while Mrs Weasley sat knitting in an armchair and Bill tried to hush Fleur’s loud complaining over the warbling voice of Celestina Warbeck coming from the wireless. Hermione was coming out of the living room as they came back indoors muddy and sweaty. Ron crept around Harry then sprinted up the stairs before Hermione could say anything to him. Her dreamy expression had gone but Hermione was quite pink as she smiled at Harry and went into the kitchen. Harry was taken aback and didn’t have time to smile back. He headed up the stairs after Ron to wash and catch up on some much needed sleep before the exhaustion took over.

The End

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