One Wish

Just a short story I thought of. It's a sad one, so be careful.
It's about a girl named Molly who goes through a tough time in life, both making or loosing friends and enemies.

This story is about a girl named Molly. Molly lives with her father, who treats her unfairly and abuses her. All throughout elementary school, Molly had only three best friends; Emily, Nick and Sasha. They were all she needed, and she would smile all the time, because she knew she was loved by them. They would play all the time together at recess and lunch.
At the last year of elementary school, all Molly's best friends had said that they were moving, someplace far, far away.

"That's okay!" Said Molly. "Because we'll be able to play together in middle school, right?" She asked. Poor Molly didn't know that her best friends were moving away forever.

The End

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