Rich: Treasure HuntMature

"I do so love it in my helicopter." I shouted, adding a slight laugh to my statement. "Especially when they let me fly it."

The man I was facing laughed but I wasn't sure that he meant it. "Do you fly much?"

"As often as I can." I explained to the reporter - he wanted to do an article on me and I only agreed since I knew that it would impress Daisy, the ungrateful bitch. She never listened to me so maybe with a bit of a better reputation then she'd know where she stood with me.

"So that pretty much wraps things up." The young man was clearly not interested in my life. I considered carrying on talking, telling him about all the interesting things that he hadn't asked me for but I wasn't in the mood to talk to that youngster.

"Well if you have any other questions, then feel free to call." I gestured to my butler who escorted the gentleman out. I pulled myself out of my chair and got myself a brandy from the decanter.

"Sir," It was Geoffers, my butler. "You have a message."

Ugh. "What is it, Geoffers?"

"Some friends of your wife say that she has gone walkabout again."

Typical. "Tell them that I'm on my way." I put the brandy down before I had chance to drink it, getting frustrated.

"Would you like me to bring the car around?"

"No. I'll take the helicopter. What's the address? I'm going hunting."

The End

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