Zak & Flo: RejectionMature

We couldn't have been awake long, the effects of the previous night still ringing like an alarm in our heads. We shared a little look as we got out of bed, a look that said "It was worth it." After a quick (for us anyway) kiss, we moved into the kitchen to start breakfast. We were both nursing a strong cup of coffee and our heads as the bread toasted.

That was when we heard an explosion coming from the hall. Well, it sounded like one anyway. We were standing by the door when it dawned on us that it was just Daisy knocking on the door.

"Too early to be that loud!"

"Sorry!" She shouted through the wood of the door. "But it is the afternoon. It's more or less the evening."

After a quick check of the clock, we realised that she was right. Instead of feeling ashamed, we just laughed it off - we'd been up later than this before. After opening the door, she darted for her belongings, packing them up quickly.

"What's up, Daisy?"

"I'm leaving. Sorry." She didn't seem sorry.

"Where are you going?"

"I met someone." She looked up at us to explain. "He offered to let me stay at his for a while, save you two having to worry about me. It isn't that I'm not enjoying it here."She wasn't fully sure about that last remark as she returned to her packing, allowing us a moment to just look at each other. We liked Daisy and she was no hassle to us, but it meant that we could be a couple again.

"Anyone we know?"

"Well," She looked down to her feet as she got up, making her way to the door. "It's Bailey. As in Bailey that's down the corridor."

We both looked on in shock as she left the flat, unsure how to react. We had just been rejected.

The End

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