Bailey: RequirementsMature

I could see her laughing.

"Your daughter wants to spend some time with you."

I think she wanted me to be sick or something equally nasty, but deep down, it made me feel so happy. I'd never admit that I wanted to spend time with my daughter - if Cait knew that then I'd never get any time with her.

"When?" I asked, trying to hide my excitement.

"Whenever." She wasn't looking at me, she was more interested in the cheque. Surprise, surprise. She had always been like that when we had gone out - always more interested in money than me - that had been why I left her and then a week or so later I get a call from her, informing me that she's pregnant and it's mine. That had been such an odd day.

"Next weekend?" I offered, trying to lace my voice with a little annoyance.

"Sounds good to me. Means I get a couple of nights off. I get to be myself again."

Yeah so you'll go out and get drunk, fall into the arms of the nearest man and wake up the following morning in his bed and won't bother to move. Part of me wished that I would have said that, but I knew how that would have gone down - badly.

"I'll pick her up from your place Friday and drop her off Monday. How about that? You get the full weekend." She still hadn't looked up from the cheque.

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Well I'll be off." I got up, leaving some money on the table for the coffee that hadn't tasted quite right.

"Must be with your lady eh Bai?" She laughed, looking over to see if the money I had left would cover her drinks as well. Luckily for her, I'd been nice. It was the least I owed her at any rate.

I left the café with a slight spring in my step. I needed to child-proof my place. Get Daisy out for a few days - she couldn't meet my kid. Not yet.

"Thanks for that." Cait appeared at my side, hugging me slightly. She planted a kiss on my cheek before walking away. She was still such a beautiful girl.

The End

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