Daisy: HappinessMature

Bai looked rather shocked at my little secret. Uh oh. I hadn't been expecting that.

"Seriously?" He had quite a deep voice that I rather liked.

"Seriously. Does it matter?" I tilted my head, smiling cutely.

"A little bit. Does your husband know that you're here?"

"He probably couldn't care less. He has a fair few 'special friends' so to speak." I watched him take a big gulp of the wine, unsure how much I had scared him off.

"Are you happy?" He looked me in my eyes, clearly still interested.

"No." I replied simply, taking a sip from the wine that he had poured for me.


"Not an option. Not yet anyhow." I frowned.

"Care to explain." He fixed me with a hard stare that surprised me; I hadn't expected Bai to be so... so butch.

"I'd rather just leave it, if that's alright." I looked down at the table, hoping that he would change the subject. I could feel a tear or two coming on but I pushed it away. He wasn't saying anything so I carried on.

"Last night. Getting drunk. All to forget about it." I rubbed my eyes before looking up. He had gone. "Bai?" I looked around the restaurtant, wondering where he had gone. When I didn't see him, I checked his seat - no jacket.

That's when I looked outside. Maybe he had done a runner. I was married after all.

But he hadn't. He was waving at me. I smiled weakly, checking the table. He had left some money on there for the drinks with a note that he must have scribbled down when I wasn't looking.

"Gone outside. It's ok. Still interested? Bai x"

With a smile, I picked myself up and left with a slight swagger, joining him outside.

"You asked if I was happy." He nodded at me. "Well I have been happier with you than I ever have for such a long time." I smiled at him, wishing that he hadn't decided to wait right next to the smokers.

"We only met like 15 minutes ago." He said, looking me up and down.

"Exactly." I screwed up my face, starting to walk away. He wasn't following, not to start with anyway - he had to stub out his cigarette first.

The End

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