Bailey: The DateMature

Daisy was cute, that was something that I couldn't deny. Just looking at her across the table, I couldn't help but smile.

So I had decided to give my friends a text and tell them that I couldn't make it - wasn't feeling too well. The idea of taking her to meet them was a very bad idea since she wouldn't like them. She'd fall in love with them and that wasn't something I was terribly happy with to be honest.

"You never said what you did." Her voice was a little high pitched so she sounded younger than she actually was.

"Journalist. I take gossip and make it look like fact." I said with a laugh, trying to turn on the charm. She didn't quite find it as funny as I had hoped but things were still going reasonably well.

"Sounds interesting." She didn't sound terribly interested, instead looking to the menu. "What's nice here?"

"I don't actually know." I looked myself, unsure what to have.

"Don't you meet your friends here much then?"

"Not usually. I don't know if they'll be able to come actually." I faked a frown, gesturing to a waiter and ordering a bottle of wine, mainly for myself.

"That's a shame!" I think she was lying and in reality, sounded rather happy about it but I couldn't be sure. "Do you do this often?"

I wasn't exactly sure what she was asking me so I offered her a quizzical look, hoping that she would elaborate without me asking her to.

"I mean, asking girls that you've only just met out to somewhere that you haven't been to before." The thought ran through my mind, making me doubt all of my tactics up to that moment.

"No. Just hungover friends of my neighbours." I replied nervously, smiling as she giggled.

"Want to know a secret?" She whispered mysteriously.

"Are you still drunk?" I asked with a chuckle.

"No. Just something that I think you should know." I offered her a confused look, taking a sip of the wine.

"Then come here." She whispered seductively, beckoning me closer. As my ear came level with her lips, she opened her mouth and a few words spilled out.

"I'm married."

I really didn't know what to say to that and there isn't anything that I hate more than being speechless.

The End

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