One Too Many EpilogueMature

Two years later, the world seemed much brighter. Even to somebody who wasn’t always able to see the true beauty of the world. His two best friends were married now. It was crazy. And he felt happy for them. They had been married for almost a year and planning their first child. Leon had gotten back to focusing on his work after his three-month rehabilitation. He was back to full health and vowed to never drink again.

Leon, Desmond and Alice agreed to keep what happened on the night of Leon's accident a secret. They didn't need anybody going to jail for attempted murder or violence. 


He was also in a long-term relationship with Blair, the girl from the emergency room. Life couldn’t be better! His relationship with his best friend was back to normal, he had a terrific girlfriend, he was back to his computer work and he could see life from a whole new angle now.


Although he was only twenty, all of his unanswered questions were now answered. He was never meant for Alice, but that's just how life works. 

The End

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