Chapter 7. BreakthroughMature

A perfect Sunday afternoon: the bright midday sun shining on the lively grass as the rattling sounds of wind striking the nearby trees filled the park’s occupants’ ears. Two teenagers sit peacefully at a table under shelter as they exchange jokes and laugh with each other. The two teenagers, one male, one female, decide it’s time to head back home being that it’s 3:30 in the afternoon.


The male named Leon stood up first and led the way. He stared at the sky as the female named Alice walked quietly next to him. They near the threshold of the park that led to the outside, imperfect world. Leon grabs Alice’s wrist before she has a chance to cross the aforementioned threshold.

“Actually Alice, there IS something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“What is it?” Alice asks, turning to look at Leon; her beautiful eyes beaming into Leon’s as her hair blows with the wind.

“I love you.”

Alice stared at Leon for a second before replying, “I love you too.”


Alice went in to kiss Leon and he leant in too. But as their lips met, hers felt dry and cotton-like, but Leon kept going until his mother opened the door.

“Leon! Get up or you’ll be late for school.”

Leon looked at his wet lip marks on his pillow and he turns his pillow over to hide it from his mother.

“Yeah, yeah… okay, mum.” Leon rolled out of bed and grabbed his uniform to go and shower.


Leon walked through the front gates with ‘Kingdom For a Heart’ by Sonata Arctica playing loudly, beating on Leon’s eardrums and drowning out the toxic environment he was actually in. He went straight to first period and didn’t say a word to anybody until first lunch, but even then it was only after about twenty straight minutes of Desmond and Alice carrying on with their romantic disgust.


“Oh hey, Des, I have almost mastered scripting. And now that I can code in binary I can probably make my own game soon, maybe sell it on Steam.”

“That’s nice.”

Leon felt almost unbearable anger but choked it back. “You used to care.”

“He still cares,” said Alice, “right Des?”

“Of course, of course. Your own game huh? That sounds pretty cool.”

“Don’t pretend to care.”

Desmond looked angry for a second. He shot up out of his seat and grabbed Leon by the shoulders. He looked serious now.


“Leon, you haven’t been yourself these past few weeks. You’ve been angry, distracted, depressed. What is up?”

Leon looked at his feet, contemplating what he should say. He decided it was time for the truth…well, the half-truth.

“Okay, fine. But you mustn’t laugh okay? Either of you! Promise me.”

“Come on, Lee. You know we wouldn’t—“


“…We promise.”


“This is a bit embarrassing for me, but…”

“Go on Leon,” Alice pushed gently.

“I kind of—Well it’s just that I have been having these…” He broke off.

“Um, Desmond, is it okay if only Alice hears this? I feel like as a girl she will be more understanding.”

Desmond looked disappointed but not surprised, for Desmond knew he hasn’t been the best to Leon. She got up and followed Leon to a secluded spot. Alice turned around swiftly. “So?”

“Okay, so… I have been having these…feelings. These feelings I have never had before. For a—well, you know… a girl.”

“Really? I didn’t think you were the type.”


Leon looked shocked at her reaction. “So wait, you aren’t going to flip out or overreact?”

Alice shook her head.

“Well,” Leon continued, this time with more confidence, “I don’t want you to know her name for now, so we will just refer to her as ‘Seven.’ “

“Seven?? Why Seven, Lee?”

Leon chuckled and wiped his eye, “It’s my favourite number. Well, that and twenty-three. But seven is easier to say.”

“So you’ve been upset because you’re in love with Seven?”


“And it’s been going on all year?”


“And have you spoken to Seven before?”

“Umm… Well, yeah. Just a bit, you know. Please don’t tell Desmond.”

Alice leaned in closer to Leon, and he almost passed out from being this close to Alice… or ‘Seven’ as she will henceforth be named.

“I won’t,” Alice whispered. She moved backwards, began walking towards Desmond again, and then she turned around while she was still walking and winked at Leon, which almost made him pass out again.



The End

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