Chapter 4. Amity ComplexityMature

For years, it had only been Leon and Desmond; the two were inseparable. But now Alice had been with them: both inside and outside of school. The three decided to go to McDonald’s for food since they were all hungry. Well, more like Desmond and Alice decided while Leon walked on the side of Desmond, and when Desmond asked Leon if he was fine with going to McDonald’s, he just said ‘Mmm.’


“Do you think it’s time we tell him?” Desmond asked Alice.

“Tell me what?” Said Leon, starting to worry.

“Well, Leon,” said Alice, with obvious excitement in her voice, “Des and I are together now!”


How should Leon react to such an announcement, he wondered? He seems to have some strange sort of feelings towards Alice, and yet he despises relationships and doesn’t want one of his own. Even so, this announcement seemed to have made him angry, but he couldn’t show that; at least not now.

“Oh, congratulations!” Said Leon, with fake happiness in his voice and on his face, “I’m very happy for you, two,’ he lied.


It was about a ten minute walk from school to McDonald’s, and due to its being in close proximity to the school, was one of the places Leon and Desmond always hung out at after school. Of course what Leon would go on to endure that afternoon was nothing less than dissatisfying: now that they were together, Desmond and Alice started acting more and more affectionate to one-another as time went on. This left Leon to sit adjacent to the two, and all alone.


“Look,’ Leon said, placing his burger down, “I know you two are dating now, but can you stop acting so… couple-y? For the lack of a better word.”

“Sorry, Lee,” said Alice, smiling. Leon resumed eating.


After about ten minutes when they had all finished eating, they begun walking around the town. Since Alice was still fairly new in town she wanted to get to know it better.

“…and anyway, Leon is always fine with when I get into relationships. He doesn’t care much for the sort – only video games and nonsense computer talk. Oh, and his music. Isn’t that right, Leon?”


“What?” Leon said, raising his head, “Oh yeah, yeah… Computer nonsense and games. Yeah.”

“You okay, Lee? You seem glum,” asked Desmond.

“Yeah, I’m good,” lied Leon, “I’m just trying to revise, uhh… different central processing units and their uhh—how many gigahertz power them. Core i5 has—“

“Yeah, blah blah. See what I’m talking about Alice?”

“Be nice, Des,” she replied, “you did ask him why he seemed down.”

“Thank you, Alice! Christ, you’ve been my friend for a month and you’re already treating me better than Desmond,” said Leon, starting to lose it. He quickly stopped himself. “Look, I gotta get home. I just can’t take thi—“ He cut off quickly when he realised he might have been tipping them off.

A short pause, and then, “Can’t take what?” asked Desmond.

“I, umm,” Leon thought quickly and blurted out, “Can’t take the fact that it’s been almost twenty-four hours since I studied something relating to computers. You know, my software isn’t going to code itself,” Leon laughed nervously, however the other two looked unconvinced. Leon hurriedly said, “Oh, and also Mum needs help with HER computer, and I don’t want to miss the new ‘Big Bang Theory’ episode, and I have a ton of homework to do. I’ll catch you both later.” And he ran off before either of them could stop him.


Back in his room, his immediate reaction to what had happened today sprang to mind and he couldn’t stop himself: bang! He punched his dresser, grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. “This can’t be happening. This CANNOT be happening,” he kept thinking to himself. Why did Leon feel as though he could just punch Desmond in the face about ten times? Why did he feel like he hated his one and only friend?


He walked into the corner of his room and started up his computer. He began to organise his room while he waited for the computer to start; he thought a good two-hour-long study session of computing would help take his mind off of things. It did and it didn’t. He couldn’t concentrate properly, because Alice and Desmond kept springing to mind.

“I’ll just have to study later.”


He looked across his room from his computer chair and his eyes fell upon his upright piano. Then he thought to himself, “Of course! Music! That’s a great way to express oneself and one’s emotions.”

Aside from computers, the pianoforte was Leon’s second-biggest interest. He slumped down onto his piano stool and began playing mindlessly. After all, he had to learn a full-length song for music at school, so he may as well practice if he can’t focus on computers right now.


Though Leon could tell nothing would be the same from this moment on: with his feelings for Alice being at an all time high, the strongest feeling Leon has ever experienced, and his downright hatred for his best friend.


In the end, will they end up hating each other, or just put this in the past?

The End

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