New Friend

Ive been to this school for 6 years now and been bullied all these years because my looks and dreams but something strange happened to me.There was a  New Girl at school her name was Tiffany and she looked exstremly gorgeouse and had all the boy attenstion, I thought at the start she looked quite plesant and a bully but she ended up being my tottaly best friend.She sticked up for me when the other girls called me names and even tride her best to help me with make up and boys and a lot tips.I remeber the first day I saw her she had blonde curly hair and blue sea eyes and were a small pink River Island dress that had sparkles on it.I remeber her walking in the canteen and I was being bullied at the time and she helped me as she called the other girls horrible name since then nobody has been calling me anything or even said helow to me but it was all thanks to Tiffany my new girly best mate.She sat at me in the canteen we even had sleepoversand even went to the movies with eachother it was a big lagh and I was getting use to the girly gossip now and all the secrets we revealed about eachother.

Then One day I was Mucking about in my bedroom singing and dancing my soul out that Tiffany came up and said that I was really brilliant and could be famous then my life suddently change.We were at the canteen and Tiffany could tell that I loved this Boy Edward and told me to introduce myself to him but I coulden't not looking like this a wrecked and then she asked me since when have you been in love with him I told her since about first grade and then my figure started to change from that night on the fragile me and the pale me went I was having a makeover at Tiffany's house tonight and was so exsited that I almost shouted my head off.


The End

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