One Step at the Time!

"My Name is Gemma I am 14 years old and from a small country called Wales"!
This Story Is based on a girl From Wales want to be Famous and Gemma did have the moves and the acting and also the singing but didn't had the looks or the money to be famous and this is a wonderful journey story that says dreams always come true even to the unlucky Ones.

But,She has to go for it One step at the Time to get her wonderful amazing dream!


Dreaming and life made me feel sick.I couldn't be famous because I looked horried and ugly because whenever I looked into a small mirror or even a window I could see my fragile bones and pale skin and also me stading there like a scarecrow chaising the crows away,I coulden't be like Cheryl Cole or even Kirsten Stewart I couldn't because If you're Cheryl Cole Being Beatiful cost and I didn't have the Money I wanted to be like them all in the fame haveing the attenstion and boys likeing you and even have my own closet full of delightfull clothes just hanging there waiting to be wear,no the only clothes I had was the ones from the old charaity shop on the high street all brown and wrecked.

While on the other half I was bullied at school because my looks and my dream and no matter what I am still going to follow it even if the top high princessess in my school bullies me evryday and gets to be homecomeing queen evry year,It just not fair!!.

But that hole fame I had and this how it happened!!.

The End

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