Fun, friends and fogotten facesMature

The day after the night before, as with my memory of these events a lot of it seems to be lost in translation, one thing i am normally very good with is peoples faces, i never forget a face. Normally.

Today wasnt any different, after another cold nights sleep i was woken by a hot day and i was sitting outside reading. I wasnt enjoying the book and was shocked when i looked up and saw a very very familiar face.

"Oh no," I said with mock annoyance "Look what the cat dragged in."

"I cannot believe you would say that to your old bessie." He replied, i dropped the book and ran over to him, after a quick hug we sat on the grass.

"So your a stalker now Joe?" I asked him smiling, he was one person i didnt expect to see again.

"ofcourse," He said "I followed you from london all the way here." He smiled and i wasnt quite sure if he was joking . How utterly pathetic, i smiled too. I had met Joe last year at a totally different campsite, he had been with his family but I had never met them.

I remember we talked for a long time, about everything we could think of, i felt so happy to see him again and i felt utterly stupid when the two people i had met yesterday came over. I had only just noticed the resemblence between them. Ofcourse they were related Joe, Sally and Sebastion, all siblings what were the chances?  I recall that we spoke until well after dark and i agreed to met up with them the next day.

And what a day the next day was, we met at 10 am and we walked to the beach, the sand was warm but not boiling and so was the weather, i remember chatting with sally and watching the boys mess around. I remember fossil hunting and trying to eat all of the icecream before it melted. I also remember later cooking(or rather burning) marshmelows and telling ghost stories long into the night.

We went on like this for ages, spending long days together, in the endless heat of summer, i felt like the sun was matching my mood, smiling down on me.

But then the rain came.

The End

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