One single tear.Mature

A story about a summer holiday

A single tear, that is all i will let myself cry, just one tear over this story.

I had been sitting watching the rain drip down the side of the tent, four hours, four hours and  i hadnt moved, its weird because back then I wanted things to change and be exciting for once, but now i would give anything to be that girl sitting trapped in the rain. Eventually had given up on watching the rain and slept peacefully, but not exactly warmly, in my sleeping bag, and as per normal was woken by the smell of beans on toast for breakfast.

My mum smiled as i crawlled out of my compartment, dreary eyes and exhausted. I had thrown on some comfy clothes and intended to go for a walk about the campsite. My mum wasnt very, well mumsy. She loved me obviousy but i get the feeling she didnt really know how to tak to me.

I looked nothing like my mother either, she was pale and ginger with the most beautiful emerald eyes, sadly i looked more like my dad, dark hair, dark eyes, slightly tanned skin.

I unzipped the green tents outer compartment and looked for the dryed mud path. I basked in the almost unnatural heat of the day.

The day was surprisingly bright considering yesterdays weather and i swear there wasnt a cloud in the sky, with a nod to my mum i grabbed a slice of toast and made my way out to walk.

I probably looked ridiculus tying up my hair with half a slice of toast still in my mouth as i walked along the path, and annoyingly the path decided to take a steep uphill direction it was worth it though, i swear to this day i will never forget the view from the top of that hill, the sea surrounded me and the sunlight made it glisten and shimmer.

Beautiful. Around me the long grass whistled and danced lightly in the wind, and far to my right i could see horses grazing in a padock, the air had a slightly salty taste which had been brought from the sea even though it was so far away.

I wanted to capture this image, i wanted to lock it in my heart so i would never forget it, i wanted to live this moment forever, my heart fluttered in my chest.

Voices startled me from behind and dragged me out of my dream, i had wanted to stay here alone. I turned to see the intruders of my living dream, a couple walked toward me,  something about them had seemed familiar, not from a memory, like a memory of a dream, or a memory of a picture in a dream. The flow of words i had in my mind halted as i tried unsuccesfully to pinpoint them in my backlog of memories.

They smiled almost at the same instant, the guy was tall with impossibly dark hair and his eyes were so blue they matched the sea perfectly, i felt like i could swim in his eyes.

The woman with him was in shocking difference, her hair was lighter and her eyes, though still blue were more like the colour of rain then the sea. I remember speaking to them, i remember the tone being one of friendlyness but the exact words escape me.

And somewhere in the corner of my eye I saw somebody else in the shadows.


The End

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