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Vedaso lifts his balled up fist ordering them to stop, he turns around to the soldiers and stares them back into position.
When he turns back around to his mother Vivianna, she is held up against the wall by a jagged pointed sword just an inch from her throat.

Character) Queen Vivianna
Dialogue) You telling them to stop now, after the damage has been done why didn't you stop them when they were slaughtering your brothers and their wives.

Character) Vedaso
Dialogue) Because they deserved to die, (Vedaso turns around to look at the mound of the dead women and men, then turns back to Vivianna shaking with anger) just as the ones I called brothers did.


Character) MemblazenorDialogue) Take cover here 

Action) Monfasar runs under the shield enchantment Prince Memblazenor had conjured

Character) Memblazenor
Dialogue) Cont'd) Monfasar stay here!

Action) Monfasar tries to pull Memblazenor back under the shield but he pulls away

Action) Memblazenor un-balls his fist, he places the ring on the middle finger of his right hand, the golden wings on the ring open up and reveal the orb inside the ring and a vortex of horizontal swirling gold particles appear in the Kings grasp

Character) Prince Memblazenor (Memblazenor speaks outright to no one)
Dialogue) My great ancestors built these walls, they have stood for millennia. I will not let this canker fester through my homeland.

Memblazenor takes hold of the Staff of Shrainia and from the bottom of it an ice white colour flies like lightning up to the tip, he holds the staff in a tight grip, holding the enchantment in the staff prolonging it to make it more powerful.

Memblazenor lets the enchantment erupt from the staff, as it hits the barricaded gates the gates and the surrounding walls are blown back into the city.

Action)As the rubble and gates fly through the air, the large stone gates hit the Kadolan’s main catapult crushing it completely and rendering most of their Joora cannons useless. 

Action) Monfasar from under the shield pulls his cloak across his face to stop the dust getting in his eyes, when the dust clears several Kadolan soldiers who took shelter come running out of their hiding places at Memblazenor.

Memblazenor turns around quickly searching for Monfasar, turning back to the Kadolan soldiers who are charging at him with blood curdling cries

Character) Memblazenor Dialogue) Monfasar are you all right


Monfasar clambers out from under the shield; he shrinks his staff and places it back in his armour. As he pulls his hands away from the armour his hands shoot out four claws that each measure one and a half feet long, made completely of bone but with an element of liquid molten lava flowing through them.

Character) Monfasar
Dialogue) The staff, you bare the all summoning ring, the ring of your father.

Memblazenor's Asii blades shot down his armour from the shoulders of the prince and locked into place onto his armoured gauntlets.
When both Asii blades attached themselves, each hand of Memblazenor was as quick as a flash covered in armoured shutters.

Character) Kadolan Soldier#1
Dialogue) You may have gotten in... but you will not get out!

Twenty Kadolan soldiers run at Monfasar and Memblazenor, they break off into pairs of ten, Memblazenor slits two Kadolan's throats as they run in, then the next one he slices the guts of. One of the seven left runs into Memblazenor but the prince chucks himself blade first into the Kadolan soldiers face. As he gets up he stands back to back with Monfasar.

Character) Memblazenor
Dialogue) These are foot soldiers, whatever's ahead of us we fight our way through the citadel, its going to take all of our strength, and knowledge.

One of the Kadolan charges sword first at Monfasar, Monfasar swipes lethally at the sword melting it and then punches the soldier in the face claws first, he ram’s the soldier onto another one running them into a wall so as killing two by claws through the face.

Two more run at Monfasar brandishing spears Monfasar with his great helmet on gets down onto all fours and two deadly horns erupt through his skull then from the holes in his helmet he began running head first until he dives impaling two Kadolan soldiers.

He sees one more, with the dead soldiers on his helmet he jumps in the air barrel rolling chucking the dead corpses off. Monfasar brandishes his claws again and he cuts a Kadolan soldier across his chest, then Monfasar drives his horns into the ground pole vaulting himself over a Kadolan soldier who ran at him, Monfasar then as he landed he swung himself around slicing the back of the soldiers legs. Monfasar then drew his sword and impaled the soldier.

As one of the larger soldier’s turns his attention to Monfasar they parry with each other until Monfasar disarms the soldier he then with his extended claws rams his claws right through the Kadolan’s gut and out the other side.
Character) MonfasarDialogue) Half of them are dead

Character) Memblazenor
Dialogue) You say that but...

Memblazenor’s cut short because a soldiers runs towards his back, Memblazenor has on his back has his Frq-Noi, he with the heel of his left foot kicks backwards firing the Frq-Noi upwards out from its sheath.It flies through the air towards Memblazenor’s right hand. 

The Asii blade on Memblazenor's right gauntlet unlocks and retracts back up his arm to his shoulder, when Memblazenor catches his Frq-Noi the Asii blade quickly unlocks itself and every part of the blade shoots down his arm and right onto his Frq-Noi making it ten times more deadly.

A soldier runs at Memblazenor fiercely, Memblazenor jumps up spinning through the air.When he gets over the top of the Kadolan soldier Memblazenor swings the Frq-Noi down blades first into the soldiers back, he then rips it upwards pulling the prince back to the ground.

Memblazenor pulls the Frq-Noi out of the Kadolan's back and then swings it at the soldier’s neck decapitating him entirely.
Where the decapitated Kadolan soldiers head falls Monfasar is conjuring an enchantment within his hands.

The End

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