One Said End AlreadyMature

One and Two had quite the explosive beginning, a smoldering intermission, and a minefield ending. This is the story of One and Two.

This villainous caricature is indeed meant to sway. One did nothing wrong, One certainly never deserved the label as a martyr. Two didn't see One's actions as innocent. No, Two thought it deceiving and unholy. One gave the best One could, never speaking out of turn and eagerly giving pleasantries where none were warranted. Perhaps that is where One went wrong. Two lives forever in a shell, fearful of life and eager not to feel. One should be fed up with Two by now. Still, One travels the road ahead. One is not afraid of the word's coming out of Two's mouth. One is not intimidated by Two. One still believes Two is a great friend when Two choses to be.

Perhaps Two needs to realize that One only wants the best for Two. One does not give up on others easily and even though Two has pushed the boundaries beyond allowance, One still hopes that Two will be better tomorrow. One wants the best for all those in her life, and One believes Two should not think One is trying to be a martyr. One is trying to be a friend and nothing more. Not every person in the world will willingly martyr themselves for Two.

The End

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