Girl number fourteen

They were trying to keep me out of the papers, but thirteen dead little girls tends to attract attention. I sighed in pleasure at the thought of making it fourteen. Closing my eyes I could see the next one. She was skipping down a wide street in her fur lined coat, her breath steaming in the freezing air. Not for long.

I turned the key and the engine roared into life. As i pulled out onto the highstreet I had no idea where i would find my skipping girl. I just knew that she would be here somewhere and that I would find her.

The park was empty as I coasted past. The swings hung limply and the roundabout was still. Not even the usual teenagers hanging around smoking and trying to look cool. That thought made me bark out a short laugh. Everyone looked cool at the moment. it was so damn cold out. No wonder the streets were practically deserted.

I had almost given up when i found her. I had headed further out of town than usual and was just turning back when She skipped right up to my car and knocked on passenger side window. I actually jumped. Then I laughed. Laghed so hard it made me cry. Me, being scared of such a small fragile thing. Scared of my own quarry. It took me a moment to stop gigling, then thumed the window control.

"I'm sorry mister, didn't mean to startle you. I just wondered if you were lost?" her voice was pitched high and sounded sweet to my ears with a slight lisp.

"Actually I am lost honey." I used my best english accent "do you know where Cold Bath Road is?"

"Yes, it's just four streets over sir. That-a-way." She pointed east.

"I know you arent supposed to talk to strangers, but could you get in the car and direct me? I won't hurt you or anything." Pointing at my collar I added "I am a priest, see? "

She stood there chewing a fingernail in indesicion for a moment before reaching for the door handle of the car.

"I suppose it'll be ok. What with you being a Holy Man and all."

She climbed in and buckled herself in, smiling at me nervously all the time. I smiled right back. The hard part was over. Now for my reward. Now for the fun.

The End

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