One Rainy Day

An adventure on a rainy day

The loud peals of thunder had stopped, but the rain was lashing against the windows threatening to ram right in. My sole agenda for the evening was to read and sleep.  I grabbed the latest spy-thriller and settled in a deep armchair with and a mug of hot cocoa in my hand.  I was reading the chapter where the spy had been tracked down to her hideout and was about to escape.

 “…Liz disconnected her laptop, grabbed her suitcase and ducked into the next room as they rammed at the door of her hotel room…. ”  EEEEEEEE, a scream pierced the air. The mug of cocoa fell out of my hands leaving a stain on the blanket over my feet.  Was the scream real? I picked up the book to check. The book did not mention any scream. It must have been real.

EEEAEE…there it was again.  I was galvanized into sudden action. Someone needed help. I threw my book down, grabbed a torch, threw a raincoat on my shoulders and rushed out on to the tiny verandah.


Outside, everything was deadly quiet except for the pealing rain, which now hit my face with great force. I beamed the torch into the backyard, but all I could see were the raindrops, now fogging the thin glass covering the torch bulb. I went further out onto the beach, behind the cottage. But other then the wet sand and the sea there was no one. There was a tiny trail of jagged rocks, which was far too intimidating and even my humanitarian instincts would not allow me to go towards it.

I looked towards the sea. It was a stormy night and the waves were rising up furiously. White, foamy and dangerously high they were all set to invade the tiny little beach at any moment.

The End

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