The Chase Is On

Engines roar behind me and people scream. This means war now. Cars race in front of me, and some people get out, I skid to a stop. I look behind, some people are there. Going left is my only option, to the open field; I have a feeling I’m going to be shot… that’s good.

I sprint into the field ignoring the screams from behind me. As I get into the middle, I slow down, and look at the three houses. Zoe and Laura live there, they will be watching me from behind the curtains. I bet they have a gun to.

“Hoi,” they scream, I turn and sprint on. I’m not going to stop until I find somewhere to hide. I get to the trees and try to blend in with them. As I continue the voices grow louder. I can tell they are getting anxious, I now have a feeling I am going to be caught.

Something races through the trees; I see it’s a van and stop dead in my tracks. About five people get out the back and head towards me. Oh no. I sprint, and fight through whatever gets in my way.  A gunshot echoes throughout the field, it hit my neck, and I fall face first to the ground. 

The End

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