Escape Attempt Number 2

“Sara what are you doing here?” Kelly asks.

“Apparently Emma wants me,” I say.

“Emma went to the dining room – “

“Why are you alone?” Danielle asks.

“I dunno” they both look at each other. “What?”

“Come on” and they both go towards me.

“Well hang on” I quickly duck under them and jump behind them.  

“Hey,” they yell. I start running backwards. “Sara come back”

“Na, make me” they look at each other. I turn and sprint.

“Hoi” Crashing out the doors a gust of wind flies past me. Kate is up ahead, I didn’t really plan this out.

“What are you doing?” Kate yells. Looking back I see Danielle and Kelly gaining on me. I throw the door and it knocks one of them back. I turn left, and sprint to the corner where the walls are high, surrounding the building. Throwing myself to the ledge, I grab it and go over head first. I manage to land on my knees and facing the ground. That was close. I can hear voices from the other side of the wall, and they sound angry.

I scramble to my feet, and start to sprint through the trees and bushes. Freedom is in the air around me. I smile as I run faster and hear the wind whistling in my ears. This is absolutely amazing, I’m free finally! 

The End

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