Is This Love?

Something is my neck, and is tickling me; I cough to get it out of my system. I can see a white ceiling ahead of me… I survived.


“Oh,” I moan, and turn towards the door.


“Sara…” someone says. I twitch, and quickly move to the corner. It’s Amy. “Hey, hey, Sara… I don’t wanna hurt you” I’m shaking automatically and look around the room to make sure it’s only Amy here.


“She tried to kill me,” I whisper.


“Who tried to kill you Sara?”


“Emma, after you left me in the slammer, she had a bag, and put it over my head” Tears flow down my face and I tremble all over. I can’t help myself; I’m scared she is going to hurt me.


“Oh… I’m not going to hurt you, I’m glad I came in here when I did”




“If I came in any later you would have been dead – and here, eat” she stuffs a ham and cheese sandwich in my hand. I just stare at it. “Eat it Sara, please,” I take some off the package off, and then pause. “Sara, eat it, please, you haven’t eaten anything in the past 3 days” Now I eat it without any more conversation. 

The End

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