Suicide Is Always An Option?

I lie here and try to think of what options I have. Well there are two, one- keep living this way in slavery for the rest of my life being secluded from others. Two – kill myself. I think I’ll go with my second option, because, who would want to go on living this way?


But now my question is… how can I kill myself? I could use a knife from the kitchen? But someone might catch my on the way there… What about the bathroom? Is there some sort of facility that is sharp there? Well I might as well have a look…


I look out the door… some people are walking by. No, it’s too risky. I must find out a way how to do it in this room. I hit my head off the wall trying to come up with some ideas. But wait… the wall. It’s hard, and could knock someone out. Now I have an idea…


I push the door on its hinges, and go to the back of the room next to my bed. I take a deep breath in, and run to the wall… I smack my nose off it and tumble back.


“Ow,” I say to myself and put my hand to my nose, blood. “Hehe” I stand up, and start hitting my head off the wall, hard. I tumble back, but don’t fall over. Damn, I’m still alive. I take a run up, and smack my face off the wall. Now there is more blood… Still alive, I run again, and this time, knock myself out. 

The End

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