The Red Dragon With The Silver Sword

My back is incredibly itchy. I really want to go to the bathroom, but I don’t know if I should dare. Slowly, I make my way to the door… I look out, no one is here, and no noises can be heard, all is silent. I look left, no one is there, I look straight up, and no one is there. Taking a deep breath in, I run out, and head straight for the bathroom. I lock the door and sit on the ground.


“That was close,” I say to myself.  Quickly, I take my overall off, and start scratching my back. I look at it in the mirror, it is red, no wonder. Sitting on the ground, I continue to scratch, until the pain goes away. Now it feels good, I stand up, and look in the mirror. I am now looking at a tattoo; it is a red dragon, holding a silver sword. How could this happen? This is now the second time this has happened…


Realising my bladder could burst at any second, I rush to the toilet. Now I feel a lot better. I now realise anyone can walk in here. Quickly, I put my overall back on, and open the door slowly. I jump the bars of the steps, and rush into my room and put the door ajar. I sit behind the door, curl into a ball, and look towards the beds at the back of the room. I guess all I can do now is cry, there is nothing else I can do, and I wouldn’t know what else to do. Oh well…. 

The End

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