Do I Go To The Light?


A bright light flashes in front of me.  It flashes more, and gets brighter. There is something about it which makes me want to go towards it. Should I? I look back, pure utter darkness, I look ahead, a nice bright comforting light. I think the light is the obvious place to go. I take a step towards the light.


“Sara!” someone yells. Panicking, I look in all directions, and see nothing. “Sara!” they yell again. Who is that? Where is that voice coming from? “Sara!” there it goes again! I look up, I look down, I look left, and I look right. Nothing. Ignoring the voice, I go towards the light. I run faster, and faster, and faster.


It seems to be getting further away. So I run faster, it seems to be out of reach now. I’m getting out of breath, I try to run faster, but find myself slipping. I fall on my front, I flail my arms in front of me to try and reach the light. I am now plunging in the darkness, the place where I do not want to be.


Screaming, I panic, and try to hoist myself up. It is gravity that is pulling me back. Now I’m falling, deeper and deeper I fall.


I automatically sit up breathing heavily. I’m back in the slammer now, and Amy is in front of me. Panicking, I look about the room and feel tears stream down my face. What just happened to me? Did I see heaven? I will never find out…


“Sara,” Amy says grabbing my face. Is she going to hurt me? Like all the rest? I back off, and crawl into the corner of the room. I curl myself into a ball, and cry into my knees. I was so close to that light, so close, I could have got there. If I didn’t slip, I would have got there. “Sara” I move down on the wall, she’s going to hurt me. The door shuts; I look up a bit, and see she has gone. I lie down on my right, pull some of the overall over my face, and cry into it. 

The End

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