Near Death Experience

As they drag me over to the chair in the right corner of the room, I half slip over. They pull me up, and pin me to the chair. Straps are pulled over my chest, arms and legs binding me to the chair. I go to struggle, but they are extremely tight and find it hard to breath. They watch me as I struggle; there is no way out of this. The door opens, and Emma comes strutting in.

"Girls, can I have a little time with Sara?" she asks.

"Yeah," Amy and Sam say, and then leave. The feelings of fear and dread now surround me. She pauses, and hovers over me. I put my head back, and look up at the ceiling.

"What am I going to do with you Sara?"

"Kill me," I say.

"I can't do that"

"And why not?"  

"Cos - "she slaps me across the face, hard. "Don't question me" I watch her as she paces around the room and rubs her head. She picks up something, a plastic bag, and walks over to me. Is she going to kill me? I think this is the moment I have been waiting for... "Sara, I'm sorry" she puts it over my head, and puts her hands round my neck. I breathe in, and it brings the bag to my mouth. Panicking, I move about trying to breathe. I choke, I cough, and I splutter. Now I find myself going into a deep sleep. 


The End

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