Do Lies Really Make Things Better?

My eyes start to open, I can make out something white in front of me. I concentrate trying to think what it is, and then realise it is a ceiling. Hang on, where am I? What happened? Eager to know I sit up straight making my back stiffen, and panic. There is a wall on the left of me, I am in my room. Getting up slowly, I make my way towards the door which is ajar.


“ -  why the hell did you push her before?” a voice says, I make out it is Amy. 


“Look – I – I don’t know, I don’t know – I get drunk - and then push my own niece down the stairs nearly killing her,” I hear Kay say. Niece? What? What is she on about niece? Am I related to Kay?

“Well now you know not to get drunk again,” Rachel says. Is this true? Slowly I get up, wanting to know the truth. I go around the door and they are looking up at me.

“Is it true?” I ask. They all look away. It must be true, I am related to Kay, and she is my Aunt. “Is it true?” I ask again. Kay puts her head into her hands and walks away, down the mentor corridor. I turn to Amy and Rachel, wanting to know.

“Sara -, “Amy says, trying to sound nice. It is true.

“It’s true – Kay – she’s my Aunt – you – you knew – why didn’t you tell me?” They are both speechless, and I am desperate for the truth right now.

“Why?” I ask again.

“Sara – this is really hard to explain,” Amy says. Slowly, I make my way down the stairs with Amy and Rachel watching my every move.

“Sara, come with us,” Rachel says. Before I can do anything they grab my arms, and lead me down the mentor corridors. Is this happening? Is this a dream? I’m going to wake up... and I know I am... aren’t I? These questions all swim in my head. We are at Emma’s office, why are we here? Does Emma have the answers? The door opens and I am pushed in.

“She knows,” Amy says.

“Eh?” Emma asks sounding confused.

“Kay” Emma then digs her face into her hands, she knows. Do they all know?

“Sara – please sit down”

“No,” I say and break away from Amy and Rachel. I walk over to the left and lean on the wall. Amy and Rachel then leave the room. Staring at the wall ahead of me I try to hold back the tears.

“Sara this is really hard – yes we lied, but we only did it to protect you – “

“Protect me from what?”

“From knowing who you are”

“Well - who am I then?” I laugh.

“Sara – you’re not normal – “

“Well I know that”

“God – Sara you’re making this really difficult for me just please let me speak... you’ve got... three Aunts here – “


“Yes three... Kay... Rebecca – and – Zoe, there I’ve said it” What? Zoe? Is this a joke? I look at Emma in shock. 


“Yeah right – there – I’ve said it” I leave off the wall, and then walk out the room. As I walk out I look left, down the long and never-ending corridor. I’m going to have to walk back to my room.

The End

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