Uh... it looks like no one is home.

Brenden smiles at you.  "Here's your first lesson in Gambeldon 101.  It's a no-credit course, mind you, but very important for cute little froshies like yourself."  He pokes your nose and you make a face at him.  There was something about him that said you would be fast friends.  He turned to the door and grabbed the brass door knocker.  He tapped out a complicated rhythm that was difficult to follow.  A second later, there was an answering knock at the door.  Brenden tapped twice more, and the door opened.

The guy who opened the door looked older than Brenden, but it was difficult to tell from the look of shock and awe on his face.  He was staring at you, and it made you slightly uncomfortable.  Brenden seemed to pick up on this and cleared his throat.  "This is Cassidy Redfin.  She's a freshman here and she's been assigned to Gambeldon."

The other guy seemed to snap out of it somewhat and grinned.  "Sure, Flannery, like the administration would be stupid enough to assign a chick to Gambeldon."  He laughed and offered you his hand.  "The name is Matt Larker.  So you're... Cassidy?"  You nod.  "So where are you staying?"

You look in your file for the information.  "Room 420, Gambeldon Hall."

Matt is silent for a moment, rubbing his closely cut blond hair and looking at Brenden, who's grinning like a maniac.  Matt looks back at you.  "Room 420?  Seriously?"

Brenden cut in, "I know, man, right?"

"Is there something I'm missing here?"  You interject, looking back and forth between Brenden and Matt.  Brenden answers first.

"You're on our floor.  The top floor of Gambeldon."  He laughs out loud.  "There's a girl on Poor Floor Four."

"Room 420... isn't that Beefcake's old room?"  Matt says, looking back at you.

"Beefcake?"  You ask.

"It isn't as bad as it sounds," Brenden answers, "Though I wouldn't blame you for wanting to get a room change."

The End

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