Thank you, it's nice to meet you.

"Well, isn't it nice to meet a nice young lady with manners.  You are precisely the kind of young lady that I'm sure the Headmaster had in mind when opening Tanglewood up to girls such as yourself."  The Professor grabbed your file and reviewed the dorm openings.  "Well, it seems that we have a few openings in Knight Hall for exceptional individuals such as youself.

"Umm... exceptional?"  You ask.

"Yes.  It's the hall for our honors students.  Now, it isn't primarilty acedemic, so don't get worried about extra homework.  It's where students that the administration and faculty think will make good leaders and innovators are placed.  You certainly seem up to it, my dear."  She hands you your file with a map stapled to it.  "Just follow the path markers and you'll find it no problem.  It's hard to miss."  The Professor waves you off, and you pick up your bags and head towards Knight Hall on the map.

You're so busy, in fact, that you don't see the girl stopped in front of you until it's too late.  You both collide, and suitcases and files go flying.  You look over at the other girl - both of you have fallen over from the accident.  She seems to be about your height and build, but blonde hair where yours is red and blue eyes where yours are green.  Her face is also conspicuously free of freckles.  She seems just as shocked as you do, and looks over questioningly at you.

The End

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