Professor Putzkammer? And I have an interesting last name?

The teacher gives you a disapproving look over her glasses before starting to look through a stack of files.  You hear snickering to your side and turn to look.  The guy standing next to you is smiling in your direction!  You look back quickly before sneaking a glance.  He's more than half a foot taller than you, but being a measly 5' 4" that isn't saying much.  His dark brown hair is messy but stylish, which goes with his laidback outfit.  But above all, he's pretty cute.

Your thoughts are interrupted by Professor Putzkammer, who clears her thoat noisily to get your attention.  "Well, Miss Redfin, I believe that you should reside in..."  She looks you over for a moment, and judging by the clucking noises she makes with her tongue finds you lacking.  "Gambeldon Hall.  You should fit right in there."  She hands you your file with a campus map stapled to the front.  "Just follow the path markers and welcome to Tanglewood Academy."

You begin hiking your bags up again, but find one of them to be weightless. You turn around and it's the same guy from before, holding one of your bags.  "I couldn't help but overhear that the Putz put you in Gambeldon.  May God have mercy on your soul."  You must have looked concerned, because he said quickly, "It isn't dangerous or anything... well, I mean, you'll be fine.  No one's gonna hurt you.  Gambeldon just seems to attract a...certain kind of student."

The End

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