One Of The Boys

You know when you see a group of guys, there's sometimes just one girl in that group? That girl was always Alyssa Avery. Always hanging out with the guys, messing around and just having fun. That is, until a sudden break-up and a deal changes her perspective on a particular guy.

I've always been one of the guys. Ever since I can remember, I have always been more comfortable to be around a group of guys instead of girls. Why? Well, for one there's absolutely no unneeded drama popping up in my life; I can be myself around them; and they don't care about how I look.

I never thought that this would actually happen to me. I thought it just happened in lame chick flicks. The girl falling for the best guy friend, but the dude only sees her as 'one of the guys'. It was all cliche. If someone had come up to me and told me that I was gonna fall in love with one of my guy friends, I would've most likely smacked them right across the face for saying stupid stuff. I never thought it would actually happen. 

But you see, I'm just doing this to help him out, because no matter how I look, I'll always be just one of the boys to him. Nothing more, nothing less.

The End

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