One of the Boys

You walk down the stairs of the big yellow school bus, your muscles cramping in protest as you exit what has been your prison for the last six hours.  How your mother managed to convince you to go to private school halfway across the country is the question on the forefront of your mind right now.  All of her talk of "high school is a big change for any girl, regardless of how far away" seemed somehow less optimistic after being bussed like cattle down highways for what seemed an eternity.  Yet that question is pushed aside by one that has been permeating your mind for the past six hours as more and more passengers exit the bus.  You saw them all get on, obviously, and you were thinking the same thing then.  How did I manage my parents to talk me into going here?

The Tanglewood Academy, formerly The Tanglewood School for Boys.  For boys.  Sure, it was you father's alma mater, and it used to make you feel guilty that you couldn't go to your father's alma mater because of your gender.  However, just last year the Headmaster announced that Tanglewood would be opening to both female and male incoming freshman.  It's less guilt now, and more sheer terror that grips you.  You had been the only girl on a whole bus of students, and it seemed you weren't the only one who had noticed.  You had managed to keep to yourself on the bus by faking interest in a novel you had brought along.  But now, out in the open and surrounded by your new classmates, you're scared.

Taking a look around, you see your luggage piled up next to the bus and grab it.  Throwing your backback over your shoulder and grabbing your suitcases, you head to a table set up out front.  There's a sign that says "dorm assignments" in large block lettering taped to the side, and it seemed that some of the faculty were sitting there.  You walk over, and one of the teachers waves you to her.

"Hello, Miss...?"

"Redfin.  Cassidy Redfin."

"Miss Redfin?  What an interesting last name.  I'm Professor Putzkammer."

The End

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