Long Live The KingMature

I have been told before that I am a psychopath.

I am psychotic.

I am evil.

Is that why my favourite Game of Thrones character is Joffrey Baratheon?

I don't know, dude. But it's scary how much I like him.

It's not just because of Jack Gleeson (the actor who plays him), it's something about the actual character. (Although, lets be honest, Jack Gleeson is really cute)

I'm not going to defend him and say that he might have been less evil if he was brought up better (and maybe not inbred, because thats just weird)

Joffrey is an evil guy. He's mental. But I love it. And everyone at school says they are happy he does and no one liked him anyway and I just feel like going all Joffrey on them and having their tongues cut out or their heads cut off and put on top of the gates.

I also find it very sad that Jack Gleeson is quitting acting. I feel as though (even though its probably not) that its because everyone sent him so much hate-mail and they don't realise that he is not his character. He is completely different.

Anyway, I do not like Tyrion Lannister, but in the trial- oh my god. It was amazing. He was amazing and I feel sorry for him.

Just thought that I would point that out.

I really should do my geography assignment now. But it's so boring and I can not cope with such boringness.

And so I will be on Tumblr.



The End

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