'Normal is a setting on a washing machine, and no one wants to be that.'

This was said by Ashley Purdy, bassist of Black Veil Brides.

If that turned you off and you rolled your eyes then leave.

Now, if normal means the only 15 year old out there who thinks its not ok to be out having sex and doing drugs and getting drunk then so be it. I'm normal.

But according to the standards these days, not doing those things is what makes you weird.

That is what I was told by a twelve year old. I know what you're thinking- they're just 'twelvies'

Well I say shut up because they may be twelve but they are also doing all of those things and I think that is wrong.

(Don't get scared people who I was playing truth or dare with at camp, I'm not going to name names or any of that stuff)

(Technically though, my secret that I told them isn't anything close to those things.)


Maybe the Truth or Dare was theoretical but that doesn't change the things that you all said. Maybe after finding out what you all said you WOULD you do I joked around and called you sluts but man you guys actually say that you want to have sex at 15? What the hell is wrong with you guys?

I don't care if thats what everyone else is doing I don't care if you were in a relationship since you were 13 and you thought you were ready.

Nobody seems to listen to me and I know why. I said to them-

'sex was supposed to be for reproduction. Do you want to get pregnant?'

and they said

'no, I'll use protection'

Oh thats great. Its not one hundred percent effective and you shouldn't rely on some pill either. You might still get pregnant.

But that's not the point.

Another question asked was- do you wanted to get pissed on your eighteenth birthday.

The fuck?

Did you know that Australians are the worst with drinking and other countries are actually appalled when we visit their countries and get drunk. Getting drunk once won't hurt is what they all say but I'm telling you now that alcohol, like many other things is a drug and you obviously weren't listening in Health for the last four years.

You might be one of those people who gets easily addicted to things. You might be one of those people who has one drink and then can't stop. It's just like cigarettes.

'I'll only try it once. Just so I can s-



You are an idiot.

I seem to be the only person these days who does not want to get freaking drunk on their eighteenth birthday. We are brought up, it seems, to get drunk and party. Why? Why is losing your brain cells fun? Why is killing your liver fun? What is wrong with the Australia?

But when you say that you might want to get pissed BEFORE your eighteenth just fuck off. Don't. You do realise that it is illegal? You do realise that it doesn't make you cool? Do you not realise how low I would think of you?

Cindy can be our sober friend who makes sure we are all ok and drives us home

No fuck you. You want to go out and get drunk then go. But I will not be there to help you if your drink gets spiked or you get raped. I'm not going to drive you home and I'm not going to make sure you're safe. If you're stupid enough to get drunk and then drive and then wrap yourself around a tree or a pole then so be it.

It will be your fault. Hell; no one will get the blame but you.

I hate the way children as young as ten are getting drunk and their parents are encouraging this attitude.

Some girls brought Vodka and drugs to camp and I told on them because I'm not going to sit around and watch as my future generation; the generation that will run this country is getting dumbed down by alcohol and drugs and thinking that its ok.

I think it's not.

I believe we should take after America and raise the drinking age to 21. I believe parents should have more restrictions on them so they aren't allowed to give their cildren alcohol.

I believe that kids should be brought up better and not just told to use protection when they have underage sex so they don't end up on 16 and pregnant.

They shouldn't be told to just be careful when out getting drunk. They should be told that it is wrong and they shouldn't be able to.

Maybe I am normal.

Maybe I'm weird.

But I'd rather be the weirdo with the shameful secret than the normal kid who goes out, gets drunk then gets raped and killed.

It happens.

Theres no denying it.


Normal is overrated I guess.

Maybe everyone needs to fucking grow up a little bit and see that sex, drinking and drugs are not just fun and games.

A twelve year old that I tutored told me that I was weird because I don't drink already. Because I've never smoked and because I've never had sex or done drugs.

Think about that.

The End

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