Why hello there!

I see that either you have been reading about me or you have decided to skip to the last page because you really don't care about my life.

Either one is ok. I mean who would actually want to read about a 15 year old girls boring life.

All I do is go to school, not listen in Maths, not do any of my maths homework. Stare at To Kill A Mockingbird as it mocks me from across the room.

'You have to read me, come on, you know you want to.'

No. I don't want to read you, shut up and burn you stupid book.

No offence to anyone (cough, you know who you are, cough) who actually LIKES the book.


You know what I had for dinner last night at work? A whole jar of Nutella, thats what.

I did that once before and after that the guy I was working with went to a party and told everyone that I hate a whole jar of Nutella and they were impressed.

I mean, I know I'm not skinny but I'm not fat either.

Nutella is heaven, in case you do not know what it is (which would surprise me because it is heavenly chocolate spready stuff that you can either put on sandwiches or just grab a spoon and eat it like I do.

I'm talking a big jar of Nutella. Not one of those tiny tiny ones.

I deserved that Nutella though.

I had a thing at the beginning of this week, where I did not eat for three days.

That is bad for me because I have this low blood sugar thing (no it's not serious (or is it?)) and if I don't eat within an hour or two, I get dizzy and I start blacking out. Thats why I was away from school for two weeks last year and missed out on camp. I think I blacked out about five times but one doctor was all 'no nothings wrong,'

I'm blacking out, doctor, I think you might have to go back to medical school.

Luckily another specialist person told me that I had a low blood sugar. It's not heaps low, just below average.

So if you catch me eating in class.... yeah....


Anyway, you know when you stand up too fast and your vision goes blurry or black?

Yeah. It's like that, except, your body starts swaying or shaking and you can not see a mother ******* thing. Excuse me.

Then comes the headache. Apparently, a way to stop yourself from having those moments is to clench your abdominal muscles super tight and it will go away.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't and I have to feel around for a chair or a bench to grab onto.

It usually doesn't happen at school because I am constantly eating (thankyou people who invented those chocolate boxes that people sell) or sitting down.


I just got a sign.

My stomach is rumbling.

Makes sense, I mean its only been around half an hour since I had breakfast.

I think there are some cookies in the cupboard (or pantry, whatever you prefer to call it)

It's too bad that we run out of Milo.

Milo is amazing.

Food in general is amazing.


None of these chapters turn out the way I expected them too. I was going to be all thankyou, thankyou (not really,(well.... maybe)) and suddenly its all


I'm a terrible person. Usually I don't talk about myself that much like other people do. (cough, that person isn't even on here, cough)

Damn that stomach rumble was too much to ignore.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

Yes it is Sunday here. 10:22 am on the 16/03/2014 if you were wondering.

On Earth.

Its quite a nice day for Autumn (yes, we call it Autumn, not Fall, get over it)

The sun is out. But this is Australia so what were you expecting?

Ok, I really need to eat something.

Have a nice tomorrow too, especially if it will be Sunday for anyone tomorrow instead of today (if that makes sense)

Hopefully it will be better then my Monday.

Mondays are terrible.

And that is all.





The End

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