Glimpses of Absolutely NothingMature

Do you ever have those moments when you have those thoughts of murdering someone but you think it in explicit details and then someone else gives yout his panicked look and just wonder- "what if they can read minds?"

Now if that were the case, I would be in a psychiatric ward. I mean, the amount of times that I think about killing someone....

It's not just a 'Oh I wish that person would die.'

It's more of a:

'What I really want to do is tie that person up tight. I want to cut off their hair that they love so much and burn it in front of them. I would punch them until they were blue and purple all over the face. How would they like that selfie on Facebook?'

Other examples include:

'Can I just push that person off a roof? I would love to see them splatter all over the ground.'

'I guess I could use scissors to gouge out their eyes and smash open their skulls like watermelons.'


Yes. I am so messed up. Yes there is more but I really do not want any of you calling triple 0 or something.

Of course I'm not actually going to do anything, it's just a thought. A very scary thought.

So I was sitting there today wondering how to murder someone when I looked back and this other girl gave me a really freaked out look; like she was scared of me.

Then I got scared because I really really hoped that mind reading was not possible but so many people have secrets that no one ever really knows.

Maybe if I had a perfect life I wouldn't have such messed up thoughts.

But no one has a perfect life do they?

The End

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