I Regret NothingMature

Highlight of my day?

Well that would be almost getting punched in the face.

I love that. Don't you?

There's this one girl at school who is just a complete ******* ***** and an absolute ****.

So there was about 12 people who called her some names. Not to her face. So I get raged at on Viber. I get called names.

I get told that I have no friends.

I get told that I'm an asshole of a daughter and my parents don't love me.

That my parents are ashamed of me whenever I'm with them.

This wasn't even that girl. This was someone who was suuposedly my 'friend'

These are a few of the messages I got:

Quote- don't make **** up to get more sympathy. Just deal with it and go **** yourself- Unquote.

Quote- I really feel sorry for your parents, no one would ever want to be seen with you- Unquote.

Quote- no offence, but you will have no friends and I really feel for the people who are.- Unquote.



So then we fast forward a day and a accidentally miss the ball and it accidentally makes its way towards this girl who we shall call The Annoyance.

The Annoyance picks up the ball and pegs it at me as hard as she can. She misses.

"I think you missed." I called out to her. (Hey, I wasn't about to let it go)

She walks up to me and stands about an inch from my face.

"You want to say that to my face? Huh?"

"I did."

It was kind of scary but hilarious at the same time because she's about a head or two taller than me.

"Stop talking about me behind my back." She yelled.

"Maybe you shouldn't bitch about me behind my back too."

"When did I ever do that?"


"The other day."

I was the one keeping my cool. She was getting super angry and she was about to hit me.

Lucky her boyfriend was there (total douche if you were wondering. He used to be nice but then he started going out with her.) He grabbed her around the waist and was restraining her while she was trying to get at me and my friends and I were just laughing.

Someone needs anger management classes.


Other than that, the one person I told my one very serious secret to told me that another girl in our group GUESSED my secret. Lucky she's not a mean person.

But now I... I can't be too careful I guess.

The 'no regrets' thing was supposed to be about the argument. I have no regrets about that. I called her a bitch because she deserved it.

Ah, high school girls. We are terrible.

The regret I do have is about my secret.

Now this secret not getting out is what I am so grateful for. That one person doesn't really have a good 'keeping secrets' track record. She understands though and its been a few months since I told her.

I regret telling her.

But I had to tell someone.

Do you understand?

It was killing me inside and I had to tell someone.

I'm not ready to tell the rest of the world yet. I haven't even told the rest of my friends.

I'll be ready to tell my secret one day.

Now that day, will be a story to tell.

The End

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